ATEX Panels

The ATEX Directive requires equipment intended for explosive atmospheres to be designed and manufactured to minimise the occurrence and limit the severity of accidental explosions.

This applies to ‘equipment’ intended for use in ‘explosive atmospheres’ such as electrical components, apparatus and machinery.

‘Equipment’ is equipment capable of igniting the explosive atmosphere under normal or fault conditions.

An ‘explosive atmosphere’ is a mixture of flammable gases, vapours, mists or dusts with air, under atmospheric conditions capable of causing a hazardous explosion if ignited.

We are able to produce a fully customised explosion proof and safe area panel solution using EExia or EExd lamps, pushbuttons, switches mounted on the door of the hazardous area operator panel which would be wired back to the safe area panel containing the controls.

Enclosures may be constructed of Stainless Steel or Powder Epoxy finished mild steel, polyamide, polyester and GRP.

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